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Celebrate life's greatest moments with the Sónitus String Quartet

Celebrations Through Music

Music is a powerful force that often brings people together. It enhances our lives and can command our emotions to feel the grand spectrum of the human experience. Whether it’s through inspiring melodies, expressing music from the heart or through joyous dance, the members of the Sónitus String Quartet have embraced their calling and passion for music and they welcome the opportunity to play for the many celebrations that life brings us. Come take a look around the site, and explore what their combined vision and passion sound like.

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About The Quartet

The Sónitus String Quartet is based in the southwest city of El Paso, TX and services not only their home city, but also Las Cruces, NM and the immediate surrounding cities and townships. The group formed in 2007 when the founding members played together with the Juarez Symphony Orchestra. Having known each other through the local music community, they grouped together for the enjoyment of the craft but quickly realized that together, they were creating audible magic, being able to create sounds that compliment each other. Their musical journey together has led them to embrace different musical genres from classical music, to jazz music, musical theater numbers, to tangos, Latin music and even popular music, offering their clientele a large assortment of genres and pieces in their musical arsenal. They are passionate about their art and love performing for events of all occasions. If you would like to hire the Sónitus String Quartet for an event you are planning, please contact them at your earliest convenience; they look forward to help make your special event an even more magical occasion!

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Meet The Quartet


Vanessa Cedillos



Daniel Rivera



Cindy Cabada



Cesar Camarena


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